SoilTemp maps

One of the main goals of the SoilTemp network is to create high-resolution gridded microclimate products for use in ecology. Our first such products can be found here below. For the latest overview figure of database itself, see ‘The database’.  

Currently, we have the following datasets available:

SoilTemp maps: Global maps of soil temperature

Resolution: 1 km²

Height: 0-5 or 5-15 cm belowground

Type: bioclimatic variables 

Paper: Lembrechts, J., Van den Hoogen, J., et al. (2022). Global maps of soil temperature. Global Change Biology.

Maps (GeoTIFFs):

These layers are also publicly available as Google Earth Engine assets. These are accessible via:

Source code and data:

ForestTemp: sub-canopy temperatures of European forests

Resolution: 25 m²

Height: 0-100 cm aboveground

Type: Bio1 (mean annual temperature) + monthly offset maps
Paper: Haesen, S., Lembrechts, J. J., De Frenne, P., Lenoir, J., Aalto, J., Ashcroft, M. B., … & Van Meerbeek, K. (2021). ForestTemp–Sub‐canopy microclimate temperatures of European forests. Global Change Biology, 27(23), 6307-6319.

Maps (GeoTIFFs):