Here, we compile resources related to microclimate and microclimate monitoring:

  • Useful R-package for microclimate data processing (especially for, but not limited to, TOMST-sensors)
Man M., Kalčík V., Macek M., Brůna J., Hederová L., Wild J. & Kopecký M. (2023) myClim: Microclimate data handling and standardised analyses in R. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 14: 2308–2320.
  • Important notes on microclimate air temperature monitoring: 

Maclean, I. M., Duffy, J. P., Haesen, S., Govaert, S., De Frenne, P., Vanneste, T., … & Van Meerbeek, K. (2021). On the measurement of microclimate. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 12(8), 1397-1410.

  • Designing regional and country-wide microclimate networks:

Lembrechts, J. J., Lenoir, J., R Scheffers, B., & De Frenne, P. (2021). Designing countrywide and regional microclimate networks. Global Ecology and Biogeography30(6), 1168-1174.

  • Review on forest microclimate and climate change

De Frenne, P., Lenoir, J., Luoto, M., Scheffers, B. R., Zellweger, F., Aalto, J., … & Hylander, K. (2021). Forest microclimates and climate change: Importance, drivers and future research agenda. Global Change Biology27(11), 2279-2297.

  • Scientific publication on the TOMST TMS4:

Wild, J., Kopecký, M., Macek, M., Šanda, M., Jankovec, J., & Haase, T. (2019). Climate at ecologically relevant scales: A new temperature and soil moisture logger for long-term microclimate measurement. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology268, 40-47.

  • Musings on which microclimate sensor to use: